It’s October and in London that means one thing. The autumn beauty essentials are coming out. As well as the tried and tested beauty items, I also have a long list of other autumn beauty essentials on my wishlist.

First up, it’s time to get those nails in order. I’ve put away my orange and fuchsia shades and it’s time to get out the berry shades. My top pic would be Carry on by Essie. At £7.99 this nail polish boasts a beautiful burgundy colour and a great formula.

New in this season are the L’oreal Colour Riche Reds collection lipsticks, 4 unique red shades tailored to different skin tones at £6.99. Although my skin tone is completely different to Blake Lively, I adore the slight cherry shade to her red and this is definitely on my list.

Autumn brings a change in the weather so skincare needs to have a little change too. My skin has been quite dry recently so two items on my wishlist are aimed at curing this. Firstly the Origins Drink up Mask at £23 and also Indeed Labs Hydraluron at £24.99. Hydraluron is a serum used before moisturizer to help lock in more moisture, and the origins mask is an intense overnight moisturizing mask. Hopefully using both together a few nights a week will cure any dry skin.

Finally a must have on everyone’s wishlists this autumn is a really good setting spray. With the wind, rain and other elements I want something that will really hold my makeup in place. I have read really good things about the Skindinavia setting spray at $29, (which is around £18 give or take), they have different formulas for different finishes and skin types. Skindinavia also helped to formulate the Urban Decay setting spray so I think they know what they are doing when it comes to keeping makeup fully in place.

By April Todd – Follow me on twitter @April_Todd