Awkward Satellite

Ohio based rapper, Awkward Satellite is set to release his new single on the 15th of June 2018.

‘Authentic’, produced by Grizzly Beatz then mixed and mastered by Brett Davis, was inspired by and dedicated to the hip-hop artist’s brother Sam and to everyone else out there who gets constantly put down and picked on.

Satellite himself had to deal with severe bullying as a kid and held a grudge for so long; ‘Authentic’ is about rising above the pain and using the experience to grow up strong and always be positive – our scars make us who we are.

Awkward Satellite, he’s always been on a different wavelength from the others, started making music at a young age in his senior year of high school in Ohio. Taking inspiration from Logic, Eminem, G-Eazy, Drake and Tupac, he continued into his early 20’s and released an album ‘Deep Space’ with a friend featuring remixes ranging from EDM to old-school hip-hop. The two played live and their unique style and creatively twisted approach to music was so different from all the other acts that audiences were blown away by what they could do with EDM tracks and old-school throwbacks.

After releasing a string of acclaimed singles he took a break from making music for a year or so but has recently returned with the new single.  Currently relocated to TN an hour outside of Nashville, he is now ready to record more and to fulfil his early promise as one to watch on the conscious rap/hip-hop scene.