Aylin Taşar

A beautifully fitting tribute, written by Barış Özkırış following the death of his friend ‘Hayal’. He penned the lyrics and began working with Aylin Taşar, a professional vocalist, to create this fitting tribute.

Aylin Taşar composed the music as soon as she read the lyrics and they recorded the song in the most famous studio in Turkey, owned by Ozan Çolakoğlu who is one the most notable music producers in the country! With a plan to release seven songs over the next seven months, this duo proves that their inspiration is endless. The first track, ‘Hayal’ begins the new adventure, and in its video we witness a young woman chasing a symbol and confronting her subpersonalities in the woods, confronting only herself as a resolution. Each music video is interconnected and produced by Barış Özkırış and directed by Fuzule Tezcan.

Aylin Taşar is a Turkish professional musician and vocalist. She studied Opera in the Mimar Sinan University and afterwards started to work as a private vocal coach! Aylin has worked with the most famous singers in Turkey such as ajda pekkan, hande yener, nilüfer and bengü. In 2019 she began working with Barış Özkırış to compose songs.

To this day, they have written more than 20 songs together! Their most notable release so far is a song named “BELKİ DE SENSİN” which was put out last year to support an aid organisation that helps and benefits sick children.

With a mixture of hard work and truly gifted talent, 2021 will certainly be a successful year for this duo!