Rogen and Efron are back in Bad Neighbours 2 bringing with them the entire inappropriate laugh out loud, disgusting humour and high jinx provided in the first and knocked it out the park with a female overload of stupidity and crafty stunts that will make your jaw hit the floor.

As sequels go Bad Neighbours 2 doesn’t fly far from the nest of its predecessor, in fact, it just adds a little more flavour with a sorority full of girls who just want to party hard at college, has all the fun the boys had but do it better. Who better to head up this all-new sorority – Kappa Nu – but Chloe Grace Moretz. If anyone can kick ass she can.

Bad Neighbours 2

Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are expecting their second child and in the process of selling their house when Morgan (Moretz) decides to rent the house next door to start her own Sorority. In order to raise enough money to afford the rent on the place, wild parties are thrown. At first, Teddy (Efron) decides to help the girls after his own grown up life disappoints. He just wants things to go back to how they were at college. However, as the girls get more confident in their project they oust Efron from the gang.

Mac and Kelly will do anything to get rid of this new nightmare in order to sell their house so they team up with Teddy to exact their own juvenile vengeance, including stealing the girls weed – their last hope of raising enough cash for the house – causing no end of crafty and painful plots.


There are a ridiculous amount of bad taste moments here, how the filmmakers got away with the toddler child of Mac and Kelly having a vibrator as her favourite toy for one. Another bad taste moment comes when a number of certain feminine products are thrown at a window. We also have the same gags as before but come on who wouldn’t find Efron and Rogen being hurtled into a ceiling by an airbag funny?

Even though the script is lazy and predictable and lacks any real structure is good to see the females of the film sitting at the top of the table with their male counterparts delivering lines which are just as stupid and knicker wetting funny. Efron, with a body twice as hard we witnessed in Dirty Grandpa, gets his shirt off at every given opportunity, reminiscent of Matthew McConaughey in his early acting career.

Bad Neighbours 2 is out in Cinemas May 6.