Badoo Live will connect users in real time

Picture the scene: you’ve just matched with someone, because of their funny bio and attractive profile photos.

Your conversation is flowing and you find your match very interesting, so you plan to meet with them. You arrive at your first date, only to discover your match is nothing like their dating profile. Awkward…

It’s happened to the best of us, which is why dating app, Badoo, is launching live stream; where users can broadcast their lives and show what’s really behind the endearing bio and carefully angled pics.

Badoo is one of the first global dating apps to host integrated live stream. The idea behind the feature is to encourage meaningful matches, by allowing users to connect in real time.

‘Badoo Live’ is perfect for those who want to let their real personality shine through, or for those who want to know a little more about a potential match. Viewers will also be able to send messages during a live stream, even if they haven’t matched yet.

Thanks to Badoo Live, you will soon be able to avoid bad matches and awkward first dates, with another layer of reassurance that your perfect match really is who they say they are.  

How It Works:

Once you’ve tapped the “Start Live Stream” button, Badoo will start your live broadcast. During this, other users can view it and send messages to you.

Once you’ve finished with your live stream, you can tap the ‘end’ button to stop the video. Users can only watch your live stream in real time, so once a broadcast ends, it will no longer be available.

iPhone X Live

Safety First:

As well as technology put in place to actively block any inappropriate content, Badoo has over 5,000 moderators around the world, who will be scanning live streams 24/7.  

Users are able to easily block and report others, should they need to; enabling them to use Badoo Live in the safest way possible.