Every time we see these Barney’s adverts, we can’t help but to wonder that if Marks and Spencer done the same style of advertising as Barney’s, would there be an uproar?


Would there be complaint’s left, right and centre asking for the adverts to be band? When you have a family store that caters for a very wide age group, can you really push the boundaries with creativity? Can you really use ye old “sex sells” for your campaigns?

The spring-summer 2015 campaign from Barneys used notable models from the past four decades of fashion including Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Stephanie Seymour Brant, Pat Cleveland, Veronica Webb, Kirsten Owen, Elaine Irwin, Kiara Kabukuru, Bethann Hardison, and Susanne Bartsch.

The ads also feature naked hunks everywhere, and when we say everywhere we mean everywhere. What’s really intriguing about the adverts is the fact that they have reversed the roles and using the men as they eye-candy while the women look powerful and uber feminine. We wonder what the feminist’s would say about these advert?

Captured by Bruce Weber in a Miami home, check out the flock of handsome men that attend to their every need. Here’s a few images from the SS15 campaign.

barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign08 barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign07 barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign06 barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign05 barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign04 barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign03 barneys-supermodels-spring-2015-ad-campaign02