baruch2Baruch meaning ‘blessed’ in Hebrew, is a new fashion label by self taught fashion designer Angela Knowles. Hailing from south London, the talented 26 year-old aesthetically handcrafts each garment, from intricate fabrics inspired by different cultures and eras. Having created a buzz by showcasing her designs at London Fashion week, Angela aims to transform her collection into a recognised world wide fashion label.

When did you launch Baruch?
It launched in August 2008.

When did you discover your love for fashion?
I first learnt sewing skills from my mother when I was 5 years old. My love for fashion didn’t develop until my late teens when I started to get a better understanding of clothing.

What are your favourite fashion labels
On the high street, I think Reiss is quite exciting. Twenty8Twelve have made a strong stamp on the market, Vivienne Westwood will forever be amazing and Ozzie Clark is a true inspiration to me.

How would you describe the Baruch style?
It’s quirky, filled with lots of colour with a strong emphasis on fit and finishing.

If Baruch was a statement, what would it say?
‘Be a standard!’ A standard by which other people seek reference.

What makes your collection stand out?
The mixture of prints, silks and other fabrics; the simplicity of the designs and the attention to detail on the finish.

What and who are your major fashion icons and influences?
I’m influenced by different era’s and style icons. For the Scream capsule collection, Grace Jones was a huge inspiration and for my Af-romantik collection, Ozzie Clark was other influence.

Which item from the whole Baruch range are you most proud of?
The Af-romantik Puff Ball Dress has been the most popular. I love the mix of fabrics on this one.

Who would wear Baruch?
Anyone with a love of colour and style.

How was your collection received at London fashion week?
That was such a great experience and it got awesome feedback from press and consumers. I built some good contacts and clients from the show.

When is next season’s collection out?
It’s out in June and I’m quite excited about it.

Where would you like to see Baruch in the future?
I’d like to open a boutique with a different concept. I have a degree in Retail Management so I want to fuse my label and my degree to create a unique retail experience.

Items can be bought at or at

Words by Augusta Ettarh