So in this juncture, I bring an interview with the brilliant Basheba who has been hailed as a name to watch by such music orientated names as; MTV, SBTV and of course yours truly, Flavour!

So off the back of such glowing press, a few months ago, I sequestered her to perform at Quality Control Live with a full band. I was initially taken by her brilliant debut single Dirty Love off her teaser ep Bad Friends, Good Enemies. It was her comfortable and tight mix of dark vibes, that dnb beat with her powerful voice in the single, that set things right for me. The question with all great produced songs and of course the artists: can they translate to a live arena? Well to all questions, Basheba answered with a confident ‘yes’ storming the Quality Control Live stage with a heady mix of dnb, soul and RnB all while keeping it very contemporary.

So after her performance, I had a quick five minutes with the sultry lady where she spoke about working with Rudimentals, her eclectic inspirations and working on her debut album.

A little background on your musical journey.

I started when I was really young and got picked up by a management company and sent off to Norway to make pop music but when I was there I was singing other people’s songs and  I knew that was not what I wanted to do. I ended up splitting with my then manager and I just started to look for my own sound and then I met Dean Barrett (who worked on all the tracks on my ep) and he asked me what I love? I told him I love soul, gospel, blues and he was like well I am predominantly break-beat so we just decided to see what we could do together-and that is how we came up with the sound.

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So I have to ask about working with Rudimentals.

I worked with Rudimentals when they were making their first album. We worked together for a couple of months and we created some good music. One of the tracks we worked on together maybe a track I use but I am waiting to see if I get permission to use the track-so I hope that will happen of course.

Ok so you have been getting a lot of props for your dnb tracks but your set for Quality Control Live had soul, gospel and other genres in there explain.

Well, I like to play with everything but overall I am a soul singer and then everything else compliments what I do. I love; blues, soul, gospel but a lot of tracks that I have put out on my ep have been jungle and break-beat but they are hard to replicate unless you are doing it all by track-so when I play live, I try and bring different elements into the mix.

Lastly-the follow plans after your EP.

I am working with different producers on my album, Bad Friends Good Enemies. I am trying to come up with different sounds so I have been working with TWB they have just signed to Ultra, obviously Dean (he is awesome) and a couple of other big names (which I can’t tell you about right now) so hopefully they come through.