Flavour Magazine has caught wind of the latest trend that is steadily gaining popularity in fashion and technological culture around the world.

The N-spired Story ( is the first ever book printed on interactive t-shirts. “Say what??” I hear you say. I was confused at first too. The concept is a startling simple but innovative idea which will no doubt catch on everywhere. A mobile phone and a t-shirt is all you need to read The N-spired Story, which is printed on interactive t-shirts. Throught their website anyone can share a story, news piece, personal experience, a video or anything else worth telling. Each month, the users on the website vote for the most inspiring story and one of the world’s most creative up-and-coming artists turns it into an design which is then printed on a limited edition interactive t-shirt.  Using image recognition and reality technology, the art on the t-shirt comes to life and explains the story behind the t-shirt via videos, photos and augmented reality.

The idea behind The N-spired Story is to create a platform where people’s stories are used as a source of inspiration to create art and revolutionize fashion, as well as to make the world a better place. That is why, each month with a percentage of the sales a creative social act is performed.  Just recently The N-spired team built a foldable house on wheels and donated it to a homeless person.

The N-spired Story just released Chapter 6: Nature vs Nature.  This month’s theme deals with two twins separated at birth and never having met until the age of 40, who lived their lives with uncanny coincidences.  This month, the t-shirt is more than just interactive.  It launches a game in which you will help the two twins reunite by beating the computer at tic tack toe.  Illustration was designed by the talented Nate Williams.

Find out more about the N-spired story by checking out their website. The company started in Madrid and has now grown to a team of writers, makeup artists and graphic designers who all stand for being socially responsible and fashionable, of course. N-spired only use environmentally and ethically responsible clothing for their products. This story has inspired me to think outside of the box.

Whatever will they think of next?

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