Most girls would readily admit they are obsessed with beauty regimes, never failing to check up on the latest trends and test them out for themselves.

Yet, not many girls would admit to checking up as much on trends that affect their health. So, what about regimes that can do both and help us become more like the beautiful babes we idolise, while keeping our bodies healthy and happy? Perfect, right? Listen up, we’ve got three examples to blow your mind!

A humidifier is an affordable household appliance that increases moisture in a room. You can pick one up on for under £10, and the benefits can be huge. They can relieve your sinuses and help when suffering with common colds and nosebleeds, and may even help alleviate snoring. And aside from the potential health benefits, humidifiers are great for supporting beautiful skin. They may make your face more supple by soothing dry skin, and they’ll also keep your lips and hands hydrated too. These may be especially useful over the winter months.

Natural-CoconutCoconut Oil
Coconut oil is another beauty product that may also help your health.
You may know of it as a wonderful deep conditioning treatment for rescuing your hair, bringing out its natural vibrancy and beauty. However, a common cause of skin problems and dehydration is a build-up of toxins and bad bacteria. Coconut oil can cleanse and neutralise these toxins, which not only detoxifies, but also helps to build your skin’s natural immune system and protection. Also, according to health blog OrganicxBlog, if you take a tablespoon each day in its raw form, it is thought to help cleanse and balance bacteria in your gut, which may minimise outbreaks of skin rashes and irritations.

269538-green-teaGreen Tea
Green tea has been associated with many beauty benefits – it can be used as a strengthening hair rinse, soothing eye compress, and to detoxify and refresh the skin. But green tea may also help you lose weight. It boosts metabolism when consumed in high quantities daily and it flushes toxins out of the body. According to Medical News Today, recent studies have indicated green tea may have positive effects on liver disorders and type 2 diabetes. It also mentions that green tea has been linked with decreased tumour growth and in countries where green tea consumption is high, cancer rates tended to be lower. Yet it is impossible to be certain the two are directly linked as there are many other differing lifestyle factors. And if none of this is enough to convince you, green tea also freshens your mouth and breath by preventing odour.