We spoke to the stunning Melissa Riso, and asked her to give us her beauty, fashion and health tips, this is what actress and model from California had to say.

Describe your style. I think my style is sexy fitted outfits but classy. I love leather jackets and heels!

Are you a natural beauty or would you find it hard to live without hair, eyelashes, nails…? I think I am a natural beauty, when I don’t have photo-shoots or if I’m not filming I just put a tiny bit of cream on and I’m out the door for the day. If you wear that much makeup everyday, your skin can’t breath.

Are you a high street girl or a designer clothes diva? I would say I’m in between. My favourite brand is Guess and Bebe because they fit me well without trying anything on. But I can shop at H&M too, when I need something casual.

Any favourite places to shop? I love to shop at Guess! Their jeans there fit me so well, and I’m short so they provide short jeans. They make your butt look good too.

You have great skin, how do you maintain it? I use Dermalogica! This brand is my fav! I sometimes use Proactive if I’m braking out from a stressful week or just to prevent me from breaking out.

What’s your favourite lipstick brand? I use SmashBox on my lips. It doesn’t dry my lips out and they have great colours.

What’s your favourite makeup brand? SmashBox or Lancome os my two brands that I where. I am a hairstylist and makeup artist too so thats what I use on my clients.

What’s your favourite underwear brand? I would say Fredericks. They have good prices and selection. Their thongs and booty shorts are sexy.

What do you do to keep yourself fit? I eat really well. I never drink soda, I watch my carbs and sweets. I only allow myself one cheat day. I’m at the Gym 5 times a week.

Do you stick to a strict diet or do you eat whatever you like? I try and have one cheat day. So during the week I’ll have chicken or fish and a ton of veggies and fruit.

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