Band member Aston Merrygold announced on their official Twitter page that the group had shot the promo for their upcoming mystery single, which is due out later this year.

He said: “Actually a bit too exited! Anyway anyway, Where was I….. Oh yeah sooo we do FINALLY have our 1st single from album 4! Can you believe it album four is coming, the video is looking sooooo hot and this song is deffo for all the hot girls out there! Watch out for more news on it coming really soon!”

JLS recently revealed to us that fans will be in for a treat with the production on their upcoming album: “We are taking the next album sound a little bit away from what people are used to. We’re taking it back to old school RnB with a JLS twist on it.”

And, If that’s not enough to send all you JLS enthusiasts crazy, then why not give your eyes the delight in checking out Aston Merrygold flexing his muscles (above).