J.Appiah recently released his music video for ‘I Ain’t Rich Yet,’ which features a little help from Chelsea footballer Florent Malouda. In this exclusive behind the scenes video you can see what went into making the hit single – from the director’s concepts to his scenes with Florent and more!

If you’ve heard of J. Appiah, you will probably know that the singer-songwriter is one of our favourite rising stars of 2013. You may also know that the song has a very strong musical meaning and importance, along with some elevating lyrics.

As he croons words like “I ain’t rich yet, but I’m trying” we get an understanding of the theory that mirrors that sentiment. This is a case study in how minimalism echoes strength. If you hear him speaking during interviews, he is an articulate young man who makes you see that there is more to him as an artist. And though he may not be financially loaded yet, a sense of  hope seems to be the thing that is keeping J.Appiah’s life rich.

Oh, and another thing. In our books, he is an amazing storyteller, and also one of the nicest singing guitarist you’ll ever come across. No wonder he possesses a talent that can’t be learned overnight. Take a peep at our behind the scenes look at the making of ‘I Ain’t Rich Yet’ above. Please note:  at some stage through out the video you will probably start craving some Guinness punch.

Click here to also watch the music video in full.