What can you do in just a few hours? You can wait in for a delivery, you can maybe do your washing or maybe you could get 4 of the fabulous iCandy Canes; the hottest thing to hit London since a heatwave, and get them to pose, dance, pout and get to know us a little better in a hotel room.

Not needing anything to be delivered or washed we opted for the latter option and got head cane Phoenix, Alex, Kassy and Zowie to drop on by to a hotel and get some amazing shots, video and banter.

The iCandy Canes who popped along showed off their versatility, their ability to have fun and their sensational looks and moves in front of the camera and reminded me exactly what they’re going to do: to make people wherever they go stop, look and fall under their spell just by their very presence!

There were times during these few hours when the girls were doing their thing that you could have heard a pin – or even a jaw, drop. These girls can enchant, amaze and capture you so you’ve been warned!

Launching soon, the iCandy Canes will be exactly where YOU want to be and their exploits, parties and shenanigans will all be exclusive on iCandy and our YouTube channel. Watch this space…