Sai Photography ImageKatie Pearl is a refreshing new soulful talent making waves in the UK underground house movement. The name may not be familiar to you just yet, but Katie’s smash hit ‘In the Air’ is easily recognisable from the first few introductory beats, receiving non stop airplay on both national radio and club nights throughout London. In fact, the DaVinche collaboration, ‘In The Air’ has propelled Katie to the forefront of the Funky House scene with only Donae’O and Kyla currently having similar success in this genre.

Born in Luton and raised in South London, Katie not only has the ability to belt out a tune – she can pen them too! Her debut single ‘Breakaway’ chronicles the difficulty of walking away from a destructive relationship. Having co-written the track with Chunkie of street politicks, Katie breaks down the theme of her new video; ‘I am handcuffed to a guy who is aggressive towards me. They are imaginary handcuffs symbolising my attachment to him. In the final scenes my Dream guy comes along and gives me the key.’ It all sounds very romantic for a funky house track. Set in the exclusive West Kensington club The Crescent, Katie explains that she may have to bring a bit of drama to the video, “a little bit of acting will be required. I’m going to try and tap into that side of me.”

Katie is no stranger to playing a role. In 2001, she appeared on the popular prime time TV show ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ as British vocalist, Kele Le Roc. Her rendition of Kele’s “My Love” earned Katie a respectable 6th place igniting her passion for the stage. Since then, Katie has worked with many of today’s most relevant UK artists including Bashy, Kano, Asher D and Wiley. She has earned the respect of some of the UK’s biggest radio stations including Choice FM, Kiss 100, 1Xtra and Radio 1. If this is anything to go by, Katie’s success in the music industry is already assured.

Smiling in her diamante studded custom made dress by Croydon designer Kelly-Jade Nicholls; Katie cannot hide the excitement of finally living her dream. “We’re going full force with this one! I’m trying to kick open the doors in this industry and force my way through.” With the support of UK ravers up and down the country it is doubtful that Katie will have any problems doing so. Fellow House crooner, Kyla, has also enjoyed a similar thrust into the spotlight. When asked about the similarities in their careers, Katie agreed that they were indeed at the forefront of the increasingly popular funky house movement. “I love Kyla and I love Funky (house), but I’m going to eventually branch out into R&B as that is what I know.”

Her ever-growing experience is evident as she seems more confident than ever. To add further kudos, Katie Has managed to rope in super producer Harmony of H-Money fame, known for his work with Fundamentals and Kelly Rowland. Katie’s vocal ability combined with her song writing talent has positioned her firmly amongst her peers as a force to be reckoned with – both underground and mainstream. With a hugely anticipated showcase set for early September and an album due for release at the end of the year, Katie’s future looks bright.

Words by Toya Berry
Photography by Saira Awan