1241607487578-lr-peachesandpixiebybenwestwood1Ben Westwood blames his latest celebrity spawn exhibition on Peaches Geldof.

The eldest son of Dame Vivienne Westwood portrays the relationship between the ‘famous children of the famous’ in the exhibition set to be held at the Bodhi Gallery, May 18th.

‘Peaches Geldof put the seed of destruction inside my head for this latest work, ‘says Westwood.

‘I was sitting on my mates loo thumbing through a copy of a Weekend supplement and came across this interview where Peaches Geldof was talking about drugs and partying and marriage, but referred to herself as ‘celebrity spawn’, and it got me thinking. Hold on, I’m spawn myself. And there’s lots of other spawn actually. So I got looking into it properly.’

‘Stella McCartney is from the loins of Sir Paul McCartney, Pixie and Peaches are from Sir Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Kelly Osbourne is from Ozzie and Sharon Osborne, Lily Allen is from Keith Allen.’ And the list goes on.

‘It’s like no one can be properly famous now unless they’re the products of these massive pre-internet stars’, continues Westwood.

Westwood’s latest venture has already caused a stir in the media with his artistic representation of Pixie and Peaches Geldof both tied naked together with ropes enscripted with a repeating ‘Bob Geldof Bob Geldof Bob Geldof Bob Geldof and ‘Paula Yates Paula Yates Paula Yates Paula Yates Paula Yates’.

‘Its art,’ says Westwood. ‘Pixie and Peaches are represented naked. The real girls have previously posed for me. The ropes with the repeating script of their parent’s names show the inter-twinning and grip that parental fame has over them.’

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Words by Nadifa Sheikhey