glitz brandy box

If your heart sinks every single time you have to buy a “he” present, whether for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, you are definitely not alone.

Men are notoriously difficult to buy presents for; even if they have some niche interests, such as vinyl records, playing golf or tinkering with motorbikes, there are only so many accessories you can find that will make acceptable gifts. Fear not, however, because this brief guide to bespoke presents for your man aims to help you out of your gift-buying misery once and for all.

That personal touch

If you’ve bought enough battered vintage vinyl, pristine golf balls and heavy torque wrenches to stock a small shop, move away from the hobbyist stuff and focus instead on the man, rather than the (relative) machine. One of the things that always make a gift special is the personal touch, and there are many ways to find the perfect one. Having said that, beware some of the ideas put forward by readers in Flavourmag’s Valentine’s Day suggestions for men a little while ago, such as a pair of socks, an ironing board and a chest of drawers, to name a few.

Aim for a touch of class and elegance and take a good look at some of the personalised gifts you can get for special occasions, such as a high-quality, engraved brandy glass or whisky tumbler. The great thing about personalisation is that you can choose your message or inscription to suit the occasion exactly. There is a good selection of both contemporary and traditional cut glass alternatives available, and you can select an item or items to match a favourite tipple.

Focus on the quality

In this hi-tech age, you might want to consider whether new holders for smartphones and tablets might make useful as well as much appreciated presents, seeking out those made from good-quality leather that can be engraved with initials or a full name. Aspinal of London offers a comprehensive range of excellent gifts for men, including iPad and iPhone cases, cufflinks, sporting gifts, books and luxury games.

Although linen handkerchiefs are in danger of falling into the same bin as socks and ties, there is something special about monogrammed items, including handkerchiefs, pyjamas and dressing gowns. Personalised cases for spectacles or sunglasses also have the capacity to be elegant, even if your man is not into designer eyewear.

Growing up

Finally, it’s a surprising addition perhaps, but living things make quite good and memorable presents. Even if your man is not a keen gardener, he probably has to undertake a few outdoor maintenance jobs, and things that make life easier are always welcome. A personalised sign for “Grandad’s Shed” or a trio of sloe bushes for dad’s favourite corner of the garden are likely to find favour. If green fingers are entirely absent, personalised barbecue tools for your very own outdoor chef may make a welcome addition to your man’s world.