Women walking down the a catwalk in a red evening dress

It may not be every day that you use an evening gown, but you need to at least have one or two ready in your closet for those special occasions. Whether you are sewing your own dress or you are having a pro do it, you must be familiar with your fabric options.

There are different types of fabrics to choose from to be used for an evening gown.

They have various characteristics that could work depending on your specific needs. For instance, light fabric is best for events that take place during the summer, while thicker ones are ideal for winter. Soft, flowing materials are excellent choices for gowns with intricate patterns, and stiffer ones will do if you want a dress with more form. Here are some of the best fabrics that you can choose from for an evening gown.

· If you are looking for a sexy or dramatic evening dress, one that uses velvet is a fantastic choice. You can find different types and shades of velvet fabric online. This material may be made from synthetic or silk fibre. It’s soft, shiny, durable, and smooth. It drapes well, and it also gives that elegant feel.

· This fabric is thin and light and can be made from synthetic, rayon, cotton or satin fibre. Since it is soft and smooth, it drapes well in the body. It is also easy to work on, especially if you want to make various patterns in the dress like folds. Chiffon dresses give that feminine and romantic vibe. It’s also flowy making it ideal for warm weather.

· It’s a versatile fabric because it is stiff yet lightweight and thin. It means that it can hold its shape, which is perfect if you want to achieve a particular form. At the same time, it is breathable so it can still be used even at high temperature. Organza can efficiently work with other types of fabrics too. While it’s famous for wedding dresses, it is also a favourite for evening gowns, including those used by celebrities in red carpet events. You don’t need to be a celebrity or attending a red carpet event to wear an organza gown, because you can have one for any formal or special occasion.

· Like velvet, satin also gives that dramatic feel. It also looks romantic and elegant. It’s shiny, and it hugs the body well. It’s one of the top choices when it comes to evening gowns. It flows as you move, also making it dramatic.

· Its creased appearance gives it texture. You can shape it easily, but it’s soft and lightweight at the same time. Contrary to satin and velvet, this one has a matte finish.

· It’s transparent, lightweight and soft. This material is a popular choice for summer dresses. You can also use it as a base if you want a layered evening dress and top it with lace or tulle.

Consider your comfort, style and the specific event that you will attend when choosing the right fabric for your evening gown.

Image: Via Pixabay