The property market has always been a safe bet for investment, yet over the past decade, many people have moved into the buy-to-let market.

The current trend for young working couples is to rent rather than buy, with rising house prices and lack of wage increases making rentals more attractive. Private property owners are reaping the benefits with attractive portfolios, especially in the Home Counties.


In some areas of London, one third of the housing stock is allocated to the rental market, which gives high returns. Yet we must not forget that the initial purchase price is also high, as one would expect in the capital. It is for this reason, many property investors are looking at other parts of the UK, where prices are much lower, yet high rents can still be achieved.


The large rental market comes as no surprise with such a prestigious university town as Cambridge. The student population aside, there is a growing sector of young professionals in the middle-income bracket, who either service the city or commute to London. If you are considering investing in the property market, contact a reputable online broker, such as Flambard Williams, who can offer professional guidance and management services. With house prices in the national top ten, Cambridge also has one of the highest rental figures in the country, making it an attractive proposition for any buy-to-let investor.


Cornwall property prices are booming with many retired people relocating to this tranquil city. There are many housing developments in the pipeline, a sure sign that Truro has the character and natural beauty to attract people in their later years. The marvellous cathedral and cobbled streets give Truro its own distinguished ambience, with many natural landscapes to admire.


The northern side of Oxford has become a property developer’s haven, with many waterfront developments appearing. The new rail links to London shorten the commute time to less than one hour, making this beautiful university town a popular place to reside. The city of Oxford is set on the banks of the River Thames, which offers the resident a quiet ambience in a stunning environment. Click here for more information about this magical city, with a long history behind it.


The county town of Hampshire, Winchester is the home of one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. Situated 60 miles southwest of London, it has become a popular area for commuters and retired people alike, with quiet leafy lanes and cobbled streets. Steeped in history, with education and publishing influencing the economy, Winchester is the perfect place to buy property at present. Here is some more information on Winchester as a property investment hub, making it one of the most attractive venues for the buy-to-let brigade.

Shenfield, Essex

This part of Essex will soon be even closer to London in 2018 when the rail system can whisk you to central London in only 40 minutes, while Heathrow is just over one hour away. Shenfield began life as a commuter suburb for Brentwood and has now flourished with easy access to the M25 and improved rail links. Commanding some of the highest rental rates outside London, Shenfield offers a good return on property investment.