If you haven’t heard already, the web has been abuzz about the backstage brawl and twitter spat between hot Atlanta newcomer, Wacka Flocka and BET big wig exec Stephen Hill, yeah that’s right, some VP’s just can’t help themselves. See twitter spat below:

stephen hill's tweets

Apparently Wacka got into it with BET security after failing to comply with the agreement set forth between he and BET regarding his on stage performance. During his “I Go Hard in Da Paint” set Wacka proceeded to jump into the crowd throwing the BET production team completely off guard. Reports later confirmed that Wacka’s DJ messed up and played the wrong track, so rather than making a big song and dance about it (pardon the pun), Wacka rolled with it and improvised.

BET-Brawl(Wacka Flocka and BET executive Stephen Hill)

What’s most surprising about this whole episode is Stephen Hill’s response. Coming from someone in his position, matters such as this should never be taken to twitter. Besides it being completely childish and unprofessional, it also shows how certain award ceremonies conduct themselves as a business projecting a poor representation of the brand as a whole. Let’s just put it this way, you’d never see MTV execs behave in this manner, that’s what publicists are for.

[PictureGroup // Courtesy of BET Networks.]


Besides this minor upset, highlights of the night included MC Hammer’s surprise guest appearance during Rick Ross and Diddy’s set. Sensing a comeback, The aging rapper danced frantically on stage reviving his 1991 hit “2 Legit 2 Quit,” proving that he’s still got it even though he’s pushing Fifty.


Nicki Minaj won three gongs and her acceptance speeches were well executed. Noted across the globe for her eccentricities and alter egos, her British accent has to be one of the best I’ve heard from an American and she kept the audience well entertained.

The infamous Cipher Sounds session (which has seen British rapper Sway perform in the past) featured legendary rappers and their offspring, proving that the rapper gene certainly carries through. Rev Run and his sons JoJo and Diggy as well as east coast rapper Ice Cube and his sons OMG and Doughboy were equally impressive.


Surprisingly, the performance of the night has to go to BOB. Not much has been mentioned about it, but his simple set just standing there singing and playing guitar, proved that he’s not only a great singer but an amazing musician as well. Shocker!

Hate to end on a sour note, but the biggest disappointment gong has to go to one half of mega-group Outkast, Big Boi. Big Boi performed alongside Interscope Records artist Yelawolf. I’m actually still trying to figure that one out, the entire performance was puzzling and cringe worthy bad. Yelawolf’s obvious impersonation of Eminem was really awkward. Why is it that white rappers always feel the need to try and be the next Eminem, rather than be themselves? I kind of tuned out after a while.


So there we have it. The good, the bad and the ugly! So until next year, I’ll be back with more news and exclusive behind the scenes scoops!

Words by Julia Huie-Martin