What started off as a birthday on a yacht has now turned into an online friendzy with everyone asking “Did Beyonce really photo shop her thigh gap?

Only 4 days ago there where rumours of Beyonce being pregnant with another one, and now Beyonce has posted a whole load of photos on her instagram from her birthday on the yacht.

Here is the image below, take a look at the top step in between her legs and you will see that is wonky, which could possibly mean that she photoshopped her thigh gap.


It does leave us thinking that if Beyonce can crumble under the media/social pressure and edit her thigh gap, then what is it like for our “normal women” on the planet.

Here are some of the other photo’s she posted while on the yacht.

And leave your comments below on whether you believe she actually photoshopped her thigh gap, and whether or not you believe a thigh gap is desirable.




  1. I honestly think its sad that anyone would care to make a big deal whether Beyoncé photo shops her pictures are not. Who cares? Only insecure, lonely, jealousy unsaved people would find the time to discuss something so pointless and insignificant such as this silly topic. If you want to discuss what is sad, try checking out the news. Innocent children are beheaded in front of their parents and thats just one of many significant sad issues that should be discussed. I pray you get your life and stay out of others. Ijs

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