Check out the trailer for the PS3 exclusive psychological action thriller ‘Beyond – Two Souls!’

The game, which is released today puts you in control as the gamers decision actively impacts the story line. You will be tasked with making decisions and each one will have a direct influence on which direction the game takes. The plot in this game is complex and enthralling and it is easy to become captivated in the narrative knowing that your decisions matter.

‘Beyond – Two Souls’ is effectively gaming meets cinema and it is some-what refreshing knowing you are not being taken along a pre-meditated or formulaic route which turns out identical for every gamer. Conversations with your friends manoeuvre from ‘I’m at this point in the game where are you?’ to ‘What did you decide to do?! What happened?’ – the boundaries have been loosened and the resulting freedom is unsurprisingly liberating for a generation of gamers used to a more restrictive format.

By Jack David | Twitter: @JackDavidUK

REVIEW: Beyond Two Souls is a very interesting game due to the rich back story: the excellent graphics; great AI and character speech.

I like the graphics in this game because they are unbelievable, you can literally see every facial feature down to stuff like the sweat on a characters head. I also like the storyline in this game because every mission links very well with each other as well as the backing music to each mission. The AI in this game is massively expressed and you can see this by the way characters stand, walk and even the movement of lips, arms and fingers and the last quality the speech and dialogue, the speech and dialogue really link with the missions and cutscenes and the speech of each character is very clear. Beyond also sounds amazing on my new speakers

Pros: Great storyline, outstanding graphics and superb AI.
Cons: Sometimes feels like a movie.
Personally I will give this game and 8/10 because its a great game: easy to understand the storyline; storyline links and the graphics are out of this world.
I would recommend this game to everyone because I feel that its a game everyone can enjoy.

Check out the trailer, buy the game and immerse yourself in cinematic gaming at its finest!

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