We featured BGR  a few weeks or so ago after her rather powerful interview and performance on SBTV-Lyric Lab with Durrty Goodz. Currently the East London femcee’s video is zooming towards the 7,000 hits mark all this for a lady who is still relatively new but with love from massive artists like English Frank who called her “the best fresh emcee right now” things are looking very good.

Luckily we caught up with BGR to have a quick chat about what’s cracking for her and working with the massive US hip-hop group MOP.


What made you get into music ?

As a child I used to like music, reggae and hip-hop but I expect it was the issues I had with anger management in primary school that first brought me face to face with the power of language. I had to write poetry as a way of releasing that anger in ways that were positive and it really helped me in many ways.

Biggest lyrical inspiration.

Eminem is my first and biggest lyrical inspiration because his flow and content is just so individual.

Any other inspirations and why?

In my early stages I found Eve inspirational as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders, Busta Rhymes for his flow and recently Drake for his ability to draw people in with his hooks and his use of his voice and tone.

Top three femcees in the UK right now?

Nolay, RoxXxan and Lady Lykez.

Explain your writing process?

I like to be alone in my bedroom with my Dre beats, my lyric book, laptop and pen. I like to zone out when I write.  It might take me ten minutes or 3 hours and I write 3 or 4 tracks at a time so if I get stuck, I don’t force it I will just move on and come back to it later.

Heard you did something with MOP give Flavour the breakdown?

A good friend and dj of mine Ziggi Dee told me to email a competition called Raps United Nation for a chance to perform alongside MOP and win a competition to feature in Billy Danze next project. I was accepted for the show at XOYO in Shoreditch and debuted the soon to be released single BAD and BGR Paris remix-I got the first reload and won the competition! Danze and I are in contact about the future collab.

You signed to Karl Hinds’ Ill Flava label how did that happen?

I was managing myself and already knew Karl Hinds through previous management. I saw that Ill Flava is a strong team and are the right label to push me to where I need to be.

Where do you want to be as an artist?

In a place where my music can be heard by everyone who wants to hear it. I just need to be in the company of the right set of ears it’s a matter of time.

The hardest verse you can think of right now by whom and what did they say?

1st verse of Lose Yourself by Eminem.  It explains the feeling of stage fright as a rapper and what it means to fail live! It inspires me to always be ready and prepared and the song itself reminds me my music is my world and my choice. And/ Eminem sing for the 3rd verse;

“that’s why we sing for these kids who don’t have a thing. Accept for a dream and a fuckin rap magazine. Post pun up pictures on their walls all day long. Idolise there favorite rapper and know all there songs. Or for anyone who’s ever been through shit in their lives, and they sit n they cry at night, wishing they died. Till they throw on a rap record. N they sit n they vibe, where nothin to you, but we the fuckin shit in they eyes”

I remember going through times like that when I was young-being so angry or upset and all I could do to stop a reaction was sit and listen to Em.

Last text message or email related to music what did it say?

From D Dark (artist/producer) sending me a track to feature on with him 😉

What’s happening for you in the next year?

Shortly scheduled to release a mix-tape and an album, LP as well as videos, tours, shows and lots more features.



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