Christian Dance artist Bhiness is set to release his latest single/album Can’t Stop Praising on the 24th June 2019.

Can’t Stop Praising is inspired by passion, something which burns through God. Bhiness is heavily influenced by the deep love that God gives, something which has been a huge part of his life. Music occupies the entirety of his life, with melodies floating around his head at all times.

This track is uplifting with his hard-hitting dance beats which layer on top of a set of powerful lyrics, all coming from the mind of Bhiness.

Bhiness hails from Mauritius where he has spent his life making the music that he now wants to deliver across the globe.

Live Dates: 28th of June at 7:00 pm at Elim Hope Church Stafford

Bhiness will release Can’t Stop Praising digitally on the 24th June and on CD on the 28th June 2019.