Binghi's BoutiqueYoung and ambitions, 25-year old Nyah Maskell wants to take the urban fashion world by storm with her ladies clothing brand Billion Dollar Girls Club. Here the North London entrepreneur gave us the lowdown on where this idea came from.

Where did you get the idea for this venture?

My business partner and I kept seeing T-shirts that boys were wearing with all different fancy slogans and there didn’t seem to be anything that stood out for us ladies. Initially it was something for us to both just wear and stand out in, until we got a lot of interest in the tee as a product and everything else has spiraled on from there.

How did you obtain funds for your venture?

With my savings from previous employment.

Do you have any hobbies that influenced your idea?
Yes, I’m a rapper and I am in a group called G-Fam so what is better than being a walking talking advertisement. I always wear my product at any given opportunity.

Did any barriers arise during the beginning of the venture?
Yes plenty, finding the best suppliers for the best price was hard. When you’re dealing with 100’s its difficult to get things for a good price, in comparison to a 1000.

Is there any competition now?
With fashion there is always competition, but my brand is to bring females together not tear them apart, so I regularly encourage other lady’s who have clothing line’s to advertise on my website.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
My business plan, I think that without this you have no chance in actually maintaining a valid business, you need to prepare! Once I had done this it changed my approach on a lot of things and has helped me plan ahead.

How has your life changed since starting your business?

I have less money than I did when I was working, but I’m my own boss and know
that that every time I’m sending and email, every time I take a call and I’m haggling for a cheaper price on bags its all for me! It’s not for some boss who sits at his round table smoking a fat cigar by his boat somewhere in the middle of Spain who doesn’t even know I exist.

Words by Annika Allen

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