We’ve all heard of the The Billionaire Boy’s Club right? Well try the The Billionaire Girl’s Club on for size. It was this statement slogan that started it all for Binghi’s Boutique. Founded back in 2008 by music artist Princess Nyah the brand originated on Myspace and only a limited number of t-shirts were made for the page. This turned out to be a great marketing strategy as women flocked to buy the unique pieces of apparel that bolstered an empowering message.


By the next Summer Binghi’s Boutique tee’s were being packed into suitcases all over the country and flown to every party destination on the planet as well as being worn by the hottest urban DJ’s on the scene. All the slogan tops including ‘Sex’, ‘Drugs’ and ‘Big Boys Do Big Things’ completely sold out and her menswear collection was also a huge hit.


Binghi’s Boutique fuses street wear with clubbing attire and each piece oozes funky house vibes and slogans that pack a punch. Her collection now includes sweaters, hoodies and leggings as well as accessories and lines for men and children. The best thing? All lines are now available all over Britain and even started making waves in the US after Princess Nyah teamed up with American singer J-Cole and helped manage his clothing line, Dreamville.


Five years later the boutique is still going strong so check out their website now!