He’s been making noise for some time, particularly following the release of his current mixtape, ‘Nehruvia.’ In fact, Bishop Nehru is proof of how much hip hop has enhanced: The 16-year-old New York MC and his spiffing rhymes are already shaping his status on the rap scene.

Surrounded by a wave of new up-and-comers, Bishop Nehru enters hip-hop’s crowded circle as an underdog, but that doesn’t mean to say he is not poised to make his own mark. In fact, he’s sharp-witted, spontaneous and knockin’ ability expressed on new track ‘Misruled Order,’ introduces us to his feverish oldskool sound.

What else would you expect from an artist whose name, Bishop, honours one of the forebears of rap? He choose the name from Tupac’s iconic character in the movie ‘Juice,’ mentioning that the personality of Bishop inspires him “to go out and get mine, you’ve got to earn respect.” We here at Flavour are banking on Bishop to prove his value in this big fight, as his slice of worldwide acclaim awaits him.


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