The Beckham’s have introduced their new born girl Harper Seven to the world and their name choice has received mixed reviews to say the least.

After years of hoping for a daughter to add to their family of 3 young sons, you’d think that they would be less alternative in their name choice, but like many stars before them they’ve opted for the more obscure. With ‘7’ being the number that dad David wore whilst playing for Man U and England, it does make some sense but we just hope for little Harper’s sake that seven truly does prove to be her lucky number! Pictures of their new born were posted on Twitter by proud mum Victoria over the weekend, with David looking positively smitten with their latest addition.

More unusual baby names concocted by the A-Listers over the last few years have included:

Bingham ‘Bing’ Hawn Bellamy… no this is not the malfunctioning rambles of your new Sat Nav; this is in fact the name Kate Hudson and husband Matthew Bellamy chose to call their new baby boy. Now whilst all the significant heartfelt references to senior family members may be present, distinctly lacking is the adorable quality that a baby name can give a bouncing bundle. ‘Glee’ guest actress Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter, with Coldplay front man Chris Martin, ‘Apple’ a few years back and now in comparison to some of the other baby names out there it seems quite normal. Aleph on the other hand, is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and only god knows what possessed ‘Black Swan’ lead, Natalie Portman to name her baby boy this. Poor tot, whatever happened to ‘John’ or ‘Jane’…

Words by Catherine Ababio