Paper Magazine’s September 2016 edition features reality TV star Blac Chyna nude and pregnant on the cover of its latest edition.

With photography by Charlotte Rutherford and styling by Sammy K, Blac Chyna has goldilocks style hair which covers her nipples while her hands hold her belly and errr, covers her other naughty bits.

The same edition also stars Naomi Campbell, Fergie, DJ Khaled and more in its 1000 beautiful people.

blac chyna - nude pregnant on paper mag
Blac Chyna on the cover of Paper Magazine!

Paper Magazine who are always trying to break the internet just as they did with that trend setting Kim Kardashian cover, speaks to Blac Chyna real name Angela Renée White about her fiancé Rob Kardashian, her new reality TV show on E! and slut shaming.

blac chyna - nude pregnant on paper mag

Blac Chyna says,

Stripper, slut, ho, all these things people portray us as — we wanted to start a movement, because we’re tired of this double standard where a guy can fuck ten bitches and he’s the man. A woman does it and she’s a ho, she’s a slut. We wanted to push the barrier, to own it. She continues. You can say mean things about me, but it doesn’t matter, we’re still gonna do us… So what if I was a stripper?

blac chyna - nude pregnant on paper mag

Speaking about the new TV show Chyna says,

“I’m excited about fans getting to know me as a person and not as a thing or a face,” she says. “I’m funny and smart, and they’ll see me as a mom with several businesses just keeping everything together. I’m looking forward to showing my relationship with Rob, our day to day, our struggles and what we’re dealing with, positive and negative.” She adds, “I hope when people think about Blac Chyna, they think of a mogul and entrepreneur, a mother and a badass bitch.”

blac chyna - nude pregnant on paper mag

blac chyna - nude pregnant on paper mag

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