Premium beverages and Hip Hop have always gone hand-in-hand. Grey Goose, Nuvo, Ciroc, Dom Perignon and Hennessey are often championed by urban musicians, but anyone paying attention to hip hop more recently would have noticed one drink in particular being mentioned more than any other – Belaire Rosé . Described as the worlds most beautiful rosé, Belaire has made it’s way into dozens of rap songs and videos from artists such as Rick Ross and Meek Mill.


The drink’s meteoric rise could be attributed to the way Belaire perfectly represents the aspiration and success which has become so synonymous in hip hop, so much so that artists such as Rick Ross are so keen to be seen with it and it’s easy to see why. It’s sleek and unique all black bottle has even led to a social media movement with it’s drinkers labeling themselves as ‘#BlackBottleBoys’ and ‘#BlackBottleGirls.’

Belaire recently made the list of ‘The Top 100 Most Searched For Wines’ which is quite remarkable when you consider that the drink was launched a mere three years ago – surely reinforcing how important it is to have a high profile cosign in such a competitive industry. Brett Berish, the founder of Luc Belaire was recently asked about Rick Ross’ love for his drink to which he said ”Rick Ross has always been a fan of rosé – so much that one of his nicknames is ‘Ricky Rozay.’ When Belaire rose launched, Rick was drawn to our unique black bottles, which were unlike anything he had seen, and he quickly fell in love with Belaire’s taste.”

So when your next listening to your favourite rap artist and you hear the phrase ‘Black Bottle Boy’ you will know exactly what they are talking about!