© Photography by Jake Davis (instagram.com/jakephilipdavis)

What an absolutely unforgettable night it was! The legendary Printworks Closing Party reached unimaginable heights with the electrifying presence of superstar Producer/DJ Black Coffee. This was an event that simply couldn’t be missed.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the sold-out crowd eagerly awaited Black Coffee’s first-ever set at the iconic Printworks. And boy, did he deliver! From the moment he took the stage, he had the entire audience captivated and grooving to the rhythm. His carefully curated set was a masterful blend of fresh cuts and mind-blowing new mixes that ignited the dancefloor like never before.

But it wasn’t just the music that made this night exceptional. The mind-boggling laser light show created a mesmerizing visual spectacle, enhancing the infectious energy that permeated the venue. And let’s not forget about the crowd – an incredible gathering of like-minded souls, radiating nothing but good vibes and a shared love for the music.

Before Black Coffee’s monumental performance, the night was already set on fire by an array of phenomenal DJ performances. Ceri, Syreeta, Danny Howard, Ameme, and Maya Jane Coles each brought their unique flavour to the stage, building the anticipation to a fever pitch.

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For those unable to attend in person, the Black Coffee set was live-streamed via BBC Radio 1 on the Pete Tong show, ensuring that no one missed out on this historic moment. Fans across the globe were able to experience the magic of Black Coffee’s set, right from the comfort of their own homes.

The Printworks Closing Party was more than just a one-night extravaganza; it was a celebration of the venue’s incredible journey over the past six years. Printworks has been a crucial pillar in London’s cultural landscape, hosting thousands of artists and welcoming over a million guests. It has become a home for growth, culture, and community.

As the final closing show approached its emotional climax, the Printworks team left the crowd in awe by announcing their plans to return to the Press Halls in three years. This revelation answered the burning question that lingered in everyone’s mind as the current season drew to a close. The promise of a future return only added to the already palpable sense of anticipation and excitement.

The Black Coffee Live at the Printworks Closing Party was an unmissable event that will be etched in the memories of all who experienced it. It was a night of unparalleled music, breathtaking visuals, and an atmosphere charged with pure euphoria. Printworks may be bidding farewell for now, but its spirit will live on, eagerly awaiting its triumphant return in the years to come.