The matrimony of fashion and music is longstanding. Music sparks creativity, creates an image, and explores another side of artistic expression.

Fashion also does each of these things – and the two combined compliment each other, nurture each other and reproduce a sense of desire.

blonde red head - all saints 3

It’s a natural progression then that designers and brands have tapped into this. One such label that has got it oh-so-right is high street sensation All Saints. With a reputation for being both edgy and independent, they have created a series to develop new talent and celebrate the very nature of the vocal and visual collaboration.

Named AllSaints Studios, it spans film, music and art – and fashion, of course. It launched with a documentary entitled New Music City, with Indie sensations Kings Of Leon. A match made in heaven.

AllSaints East hosts performances in the brand’s very own London studio, showcasing fresh, new talent. The latest to come out of this is Blonde Redhead; a New York City trio made up of guitarist and vocalist Amedeo Pace, drummer Simone Pace and guitarist and vocalist Kazu Makino.

For the single, named Dripping, the band worked with AllSaints to create a visual, in celebration of their continuing US tour.

blonde red head - all saints 1

The music film works much as a traditional fashion film would; showcasing the mood and inspiration behind the artist’s inspiration, yet also promoting AllSaint’s latest Christmas collection. As a shop renowned for its premium leathers, good quality knits, drainpipe trousers and on-trend design-lead alternative fashion, the pieces work insatiably with the sounds, lighting and atmosphere of the video.

AllSaints creative director said of the collaboration: ‘As a global brand that consistently seeks to create a dialogue with the creative communities that inspire us, the production with Blonde Redhead is the perfect expression of AllSaints intersection of fashion, image and music’

Well, it certainly is a sensory feast if ever we have seen one.