mickey-and-eddie_1To mark the success of Willy Russell’s legendary musical, Blood Brothers celebrates its 21st birthday in London’s West End at The Phoenix Theatre.

Twins Ben and Michael Sewell play the iconic roles of brothers, Mickey and Eddie, alongside The X Factor’s Niki Evans, who plays lead role of Mrs Johnstone.

Blood Brothers tells the moving tale of twins who, separated at birth, grow up on opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with tragic consequences.

Blood Brothers is currently on a major UK tour.

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Words by Nadifa Sheikhey



  1. I went to see blood brothers in london .. i think these where the two boys that performed … It was soooo good 🙂 .. Mickey did suchh a good job 🙂 … So funny 😀 … Really good actors 🙂 … I would goo and see it again done by themmm 😀 x
    Mickey pretty good lookinggg 😛 LOL x

  2. I went to see the show yesterday (27/06/09) and it was amazing…:) I havent cried like that for god knows how long…..Ben, Michael Sewell and Niki Evans were fantastic!!!!!!!! I would see the show 100 times over…… Oh and Ben who played Mickey is hot stuff,he gets my vote LOL xx

  3. omfg 😐 went to see it last night and i actually fell in love with ben sewell. no joke.
    hes gooooooooorgeous 😉
    ad the play was amazing , i cried and laughed , its a must see 🙂
    im totally gonna see it again


  4. I watched Blood Brothers yesturday [2/7/09] was bloody FANTASTIC! ive never laughed so much in my life , singing was really good i really enjoyed it. Good actors aswell !! i would love to see it again as i enjoyed it so much!

  5. omg i went to see blood brothers in london last thursday and i really enjoyed it..
    i really thought Ben nd Mike Sewell did a greaaaaaaaaaaat job. i would realllyyyy like to meeeeeeeeeeeet them :L and see the performance aagaain 🙂

  6. I Went to see blood brothers with my school for part of my tech week saw it 09 – 07 – 09. It was the best . It Made Me laugh and of course cry. The Acting and singing was great!
    Ben & Michael Sewell 😛 Were great !
    I so Want To See It Again

  7. I went to see Blood Brothers with my drama group in May and we all fell in love with Ben Sewell 🙂
    and i went again yesterday with my family and absolutely loved it !!
    Ben and Michael was amazing and Niki was out of this world as well!
    A definite must see.
    LOVE IT!! 🙂

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