I have tried to hold my tongue but I can no longer hold my tongue. It’s like being at a pantomine and trying to hold your tongue when you can see the villain behind the good “guy/woman” hoping they will see them before you loose patience and shout “he’s bloody behind you-he’s only four feet away God!!” Incidentally I only attend pantomines when asked (ahem)!

Love Robin Thicke and that single that propelled him into the stratosphere Lost Without You (2007) was just off the chain.

Even then he followed up with some good stuff but Blurred Lines Lord help me it’s rubbish. From the constant and irritating need to plaster his name Thicke across the screen “I know it’s Robin Thicke for crying out loud” to the cheap looking video with a bevvy of beauties just strutting around in shorts (I actually like that bit) and that terrible song I find the whole thing poor and slightly nauseating.  I have a feeling that the cheap effort for the video was partly due to the fees for T.I and Pharell: it could have been filmed in Walthamstow!

It proves one thing that if you are getting backed by big labels then songs do not always have to be firing. There is nothing that makes me feel this song is any good and it makes me wonder if the constant graphics showing his name are a sign of desperation for him to come good with hit single album-I can hear the executives now:

“they need reminding who this Robin Sick he’s falling off -in the video keep adding his name in red every 5 seconds and subliminally they can’t for get him-I’m a f*&&*g genuis”

“uh uh sir that’s Robin Thicke sir”

“that’s what I said-you are fired”.

I am not saying he is finished far from it but in this market where they want results each and every time maybe he is not providing. Love After War (2011) and Sex Therapy (2009) are both ok if they are looked at as full bodies of work individually there are some stand out cuts.

I like Robin Thicke but I am not blurring any lines- Blurred Lines is whack- feel be somebody!

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