Look out for the special Marley feature in our next issue of Flavour Mag. Marley’s memory has spread far beyond the influence of his music, today Bob Marley is a global icon in more ways than one. A man well known for his rasta inspired red, yellow and green, symbols of peace and love, why not share some of the love too by trying some of these Bob inspired goodies and let the legend live on today.

Hayley Metallic Gold Peace & Love Ladies Vest (, £12)
Karaoke Star Presents Bob Marley (iTunes, £5.99)
House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-ear earphones (HMV, £13.99)
Peace glasses  (Urban Outfitters, £5)
Reggae Reggae sauce (£1.49 Tesco)

Your Eyes Lie Peace and Love Mens T-Shirt (, £25.00)

Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier Poster (, £5.99)
House of Marley Positive Vibrations Rasta Headphones (HMV, £49.99)
Men’s Adidas Cambridge Chronograph watch (Shade Station, £64)