Swiss watch brand BOMBERG has landed in the UK with a goal to reinterpret and completely overturn classic watchmaking rules.

Sounds far-fetched? We think not. From an immediate glance at the watches and the brand you can see their provocative approach in the imagery below. Imagery so salacious, you have to stop and take note. With taglines such as “Toys for Boys,” “Be the Boss,” and “Unchain the Beast,” the advertising message of BOMBERG uses both word and visual imagery to push the boundaries and grab your attention.  The campaigns are edgy and provocative with brand ambassadors and models sporting alternative looks and tattoos.

Bomberg watches 49

Fans of the brand include rock n’ roll legends and professional athletes such as, rock legend Gene Simmons from KISS, Tommy Lee from Motely Crue, and hard rock guitarist Slash from Guns N’ Roses.  Famously tattooed Californian NBA player, Chris Andersen, became the brand’s first ambassador, while footballers Neymar, Claudio Marchisio, Falcao and Angel Di Maria have also sported the watches.

The watches are accessible and affordable retailing for between £450.00 to £2850.00. London Fashion Week collaboration has been confirmed with London-based fashion designer Jean-Pierre Braganza, the 5th most social media talked about LFW brand of 2014 – so literally watch out for BOMBERG timepieces being presented on the LFW catwalk!

You are now left with only 2 choices, be the first in your circle to rock a BOMBERG or be the last it’s that simple.

See the gallery of images below

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