Bone Nest

Bone Nest has recently released their new album also called Bone Nest. The cryptic and wavering sound Bone Nest has captured can be streamed from his/her own website along with some hypnotic videos to match the sound.

Influenced by the likes of James Blake and J Dilla, Bone Nests engaging and chilled out sound on his/her self-titled album is incredibly distinct. The mammoth amount of songs on the album are a statement to Bone Nests hard work, with each song more captivating than the last. Taking inspiration from everything in life that had contrast between the dark and the light, shades of which he/she reflects in his/her music.

Bone Nest states that his name stems from collecting bones as he grew up in San Francisco and adding them to his nest. His experimental music is as equally thought-provoking has his declaration to his names roots.

Follow him on Instagram to view his artwork, some of which was used in the album art.


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