Who are are biggest influencers when it comes to plastic surgery? I’m sure you won’t be surprised by celebrities being the answer. But just how much impact do they have on the amount of enquiries cosmetic surgeries receive?

According to data collated by Transform Cosmetic Surgery, enquiries into laser treatments hit an all-time high in 2012 after Kim Kardashian admitted on the Oprah Winfrey show that she’d ‘lasered everything’.
Late 2010, early 2011 brought three of the UK’s top reality TV shows to our screens. With the surgically enhanced ladies of TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and Geordy Shore the stars de jour, their image of beauty have been echoed within enquiries for appearance enhancing procedures including breast augmentation, fillers, thigh lifts and laser lipo, all of which peaked in 2011.TOWIE surgery
More recently, the queens of the catwalk have been having a notable impression on cosmetic trends. Semi-permanent makeup enquiries peaked massively in 2013, and have continued to rise as Cara Delavigne’s infamous brows have taken the globe by storm as well as the Scouse Brow being seen as an envyiable trend.Cara dele ingle Scouse brow

By analyzing the last four years’ worth of enquiry data, Transform have created the ‘Brits, Boobs and Botox’ geographical tool, revealing the most popular procedure enquiries across different areas of the UK.
The data has highlighted a number of interesting trends and allowed Transform to speculate as to whether certain social factors have a direct correlation with the enquiries they receive.

Patricia Dunion, Chief Operating Officer, Transform Cosmetic Surgery, commented, “We’d never have guessed the Rooney effect would generate 5,500 enquiries for hair transplants – or that curvaceous bottoms would be all the rage in the noughties.”
Transform Brits boobs and botox
Further Information
 Tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) increased in 2011 which is likely linked to the ‘baby boom’ in 2010 which saw the number of births rise from 790,204 in 2009 to 807,271 in 2010 (and has stayed consistent since)
 Semi-permanent makeup peaked massively in 2013 and is most popular amongst 25-34 year olds
 Dental procedures peaked in 2011
 Laser treatments peaked in 2012 could be linked to Kim Kardashian who admitted she
‘lasered everything’ in 2012
 Breast augmentation increased dramatically in 2011 – reality TV first hit our screens towards
the end of 2010
 Thigh lift peaked in 2011 and 2012
 Vaginal tightening peaked in 2011 and back on the rise for 2013
 Nipple correction in 2013 peaked
 Botox peaked in 2012 but dropped in 2013
 Bum implants massively reduced in 2012
 Fillers peaked in 2011 and continued to climb in 2012
 Botox most popular for 35 to 44 – More popular between 25-34 than 45 to 54
 Cellulite procedures are most popular for 45 to 54 age group

Top enquiries for women (surgical):
1. Boob job
2. Liposuction
3. Nose job
4. Tummy tuck
5. Eyelids