You need to hurry if you want to get your hands on the Boohoo Beauty Advent Calendar. It’s costs only £40 and has £149 worth of lush products inside.

This is the perfect countdown to Christmas and should be top of your Christmas Wish List for all beauty babes and due to the limited supply, you can only buy one per customer account.

boohoo beauty advent calendar
The Boohoo Beauty Advent Calendar, everything from makeup to beauty tools and skincare, all packaged up in a glossy advent-style box.

The Boohoo Beauty Advent Calendar is packaged up in a glossy advent-style box and designed with 24 doors that you open daily in the run-up to Christmas making it the perfect daily treat for makeup and beauty lovers.

What’s included?

• 1 x I Heart Revolution Molten Lip
• 1 x Skinny Tan Choc Instant Tan
• 1 x Glamourise Eyelashes
• 1 x Velvotan Mitt
• 1 x Fluffy Bow Spa Headband
• 1 x I Heart Revolution Mini Palette
• 1 x Rimmel Lip Liner
• 1 x Mini Tanologist Tanning Drops
• 1 x Soothing 2 Pack Face Masks
• 1 x Cuticle Set
• 1 x Rimmel Nail Varnish
• 1 x Bubble T Grape Bath Pearls
• 1x I Heart Revolution Eyeliner
• 1 x Rose Gold Lash Applicator
• 1 x Carmex Lip Balm
• 1 x Sleek Shattered Glass Lip Topper
• 1 x Beauty Blending Sponge
• 1 x Sunkissed Easy Brow
• 1 x Sleek Highlighter Palette
• 1 x Barry M Nail Varnish
• 1 x Eylure Enchanted Eyelashes
• 1 x Jade Roller
• 1 x OH K! 3 Step Face Mask
• 1 x Eyelash Curlers

boohoo beauty advent calendar

Awesome right? There’s only one problem with this amazing Boohoo Beauty Advent Calendar, do you buy it for a friend or keep it for yourself? Let the countdown begin!

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