varama_tubes4Boost Your Body Confidence with this brand new simple to apply waterproof cover cream is durable and stays on in the swimming pool and at the gym.

Skin camouflage can provide immediate change, disguising marks on any part of the body. Unlike conventional make-up skin camouflage is highly durable, waterproof, is suitable for all skin types and can be used on a variety of skin conditions including acne, vitiligo, scarring and tattoos.

Varama is a brand new skin camouflage and is the only skin camouflage brand to contain its own setting agent – others require users to buy a separate fixing powder. Varama is also the only brand to offer variants for black and Asian skin tones. provides expert skin camouflage advice direct to the user.

Varama is easy to apply; just blend the two base colours with a drop of concentrated pigment to match to your individual skin tone. What’s more, because Varama allows you blend your own colours you can adjust the tone to take account of changes in your skin colour such as a suntan.

Varama has been launched by Vanessa Jane Davies, a skin camouflage expert who has been a practitioner for 16 years. She has also worked in consultancy and education and is an established expert witness for skin trauma cases.

With the launch of Varama cover creams, the aim is to provide a product which is simple to blend and easy to apply. The versatile colour range offers variants for white, Asian and black skins across all ages and is suitable for all pigmentation problems as well as scars, burns, bruises and birthmarks. Unlike older formulations, no setting agent is required.

Prices range from £17.49 to 3.99 for blending brush basics

There extensive range of colours to suit all skin tones breaking down your unique combination.


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