Infamous hip-hop group The Pharcyde have launched a new TV channel ‘The Pharcyde TV’ (PHTV) aimed to create a global network of like-minded creatives. 

Bootie Brown says he started the channel originally to market their own music. He then goes on to say that “It’s been a challenge to find companies who do what they are supposed to do after paying or promised that they are committed to your project,”

“At the same time throughout our 25+ years, I have met people who I feel are passionate as myself in breaking the cycle of monotony and would like to contribute another angle aside of the norm. I want to create a Global network of like-minded individuals who will shake up the industry,” he said. 

The channel so far features collectives around the world with video interviews from Dutch music journalist Payology, SYS Radio from Australian music journalist Maggie Tra, Japanese R2 Records Radio show, ”Splendid Radio” with Imani, Ta’Raach & Schmooche AND free online yoga classes with Kiira Kristine Yoga to name a few.

PHTV will also work as a pay-on-demand channel “Flickss.” Allowing users to watch movies and documentaries through the channel at a price. 

Meet the hosts


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