Like a breath of fresh air, Roc Nation songstress Bridget Kelly has captured the attention of music lovers with her vocal swagger, honest song lyrics and stunning looks.

We were lucky enough to spend some time with the talented New Yorker during our exclusive Flavourmag photo shoot with the star. After the camera stops snapping we talk to Bridget about boyfriend’s, heartbreak, advice from Jay-Z and posing naked.

We’ve been waiting and anticipating your debut album. Why was it pushed back and when will it be released?
It has been pushed back because I don’t feel like my fans know me well enough. I’ve only put 2 EPs out over the course of 4 years, I wanted to give people time to know my story and build momentum. I will release an album this year and I know my dedicated fans will fall in love and new fans will be pleasantly surprised!

What can we expect from the album?
I finally know who I am, so I’m sharing everything. Baring my soul to the world as I cope with all the crazy curveballs my life has thrown at me. Not a lot of features, but strong musicianship. Real R&B music.

Dress: Icandy Mode
Jewellery ‘Freedom for Topshop’

Well at least you didn’t keep us waiting for new music. Our appetite has been satisfied for a while with your EP The Cut. What’s you’re favourite song off there and why?
Honestly, I love all of the songs. From The Mouth to Friends to Coca1n3 Heartbreak. They’re all near and dear to my heart because they’re all from my life experience.

You are signed to the label Roc Nation. What have you learned from the label’s head honcho Jay Z?
I’ve learned to be patient with myself and with my journey. Jay is about quality not quantity so waiting for the right season to strike is worth the wait.

What impresses you in the music world today?
The ability to release and market records independently is amazing to me. You can get discovered on YouTube, nowadays. Anybody can generate attention and social media followers.

Dress: Icandy Mode
Jewellery ‘Freedom for Topshop’

If you could rewind time and you knew what the future would hold for your career what would you change if anything and why?
I would have been more proactive with building relationships in the industry. I was sheltered from really establishing friendships with people outside of the Roc camp.

Valentine’s Day has just past. What’s your ideal date?
I love anything simple but thoughtful, so whether it’s a drive in movie or a guy cooking for me in his own kitchen, I like dudes that pay attention to what I like.

Are you currently single or taken?

What qualities do you look for in a boyfriend?
I need someone intelligent. Clever with a great sense of humour! Patience and kindness are key, for sure. Someone who listens to a wide array of music and loves to travel. A confident gentleman is so sexy to me!

Dress: ‘MissGuided’,
Jewellery: ‘Freedom for Topshop’
Shoes: ‘MissGuided’

Many of your songs focus on love and relationships. What’s been your biggest heartbreak?
When I first went on tour with Jay, I was with the love of my life. We didn’t work out for a number of reasons, but he became the inspiration for a lot of my album.

Do you have a favourite body part?
I love my lips so I wear lipstick a lot.

What makes you feel sexy?
Summer in NYC makes me feel sexy! I love being on the beach and spending summer nights on a dimly lit rooftop.

Who was the last famous person you spoke to?
I went to a 2Chainz concert last night and was hanging with him and French Montana.

Top: ‘Nympha London’,
Pants: ‘Obscure Couture’
Belt: ‘River Island’
Earrings: ‘Freedom for Topshop’
Bangles: ‘Stylist own’

What is your ideal super-power?
I would wanna fly at hyper speed to go anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes.

Would you ever pose naked? If so, what’s your price?
No, even though I’ve seen it done tastefully, it’s not for me.

What angers you most about society today?
The intolerance that exists amongst people with different cultural backgrounds and/or religions. Also the fact that cures to terminal diseases haven’t been discovered and/or distributed yet. With all the money and constant research that goes into it, why is AIDS/HIV still killing so many people?

Bridget Kelly’s EP The Cut is out now

Interview: Annika Allen
Photographer: Arron Dunworth
Styling: Nathan Klein
Make-up: Vicky Ngari Wilson
Hair: Rio Hair
Location: The Drury Club. London

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