Travis Lee is a soul singer from Brisbane Australia whose mission is to create music that will transcend you back to the days where R&B and Soul music meant something. When Aaliyah and Montell Jordan ruled the industry and created slow jams you could dance to in your living room.

He’s a soul rebel, a musician who not only sings, he writes and he produces as well. This multi-talented musician just released his track “Next 2 Me” which will be featured in his upcoming EP ‘Reflections’ due to drop 7th November.

Flavour Mag chats to Travis Lee about why he wants to bring 90’s R&B back, what his track ‘Next 2 Me’ means and what we can expect from his upcoming EP ‘Reflections’.

How did your musical journey begin?

My musical journey started back in my homeland Papua New Guinea; I started playing classical piano as a hobby at the age of 7 & kept it up until high school. In high school I lost a bit of interested for it, and was getting into a lot of sports, but at the age of 16 I met a friend through my sister who owned his own little home studio & that’s where my passion for singing/song-writing & production all started to come into play.


Your EP ‘Reflections’ is due to drop 7th November, tell us about it.

‘Reflections’ is somewhat of a journey & a new beginning’ for me. The journey of each song has a small story spanning over the past 3 years or motif behind it. The stories are from real life experiences; which is where I draw most of my inspiration from. Certain motif’s I gain from other artist, that really inspire me.

“Next 2 Me” is a track that will feature in your EP, it’s about relationships, how did it end? And what did you take away from that experience?

I think we just stopped talking to each other, but we’re definitely still cool, it was nothing too serious. I think the lesson I took away from it, was everything happens for a reason &, just try to live in the moment & look positive toward the future.

You feature a few Aussie singers, what’s the music scene like for Soul singers in Australia?

I believe the scene for soul music is healthier than ever! This year actually marks the first annual ‘Neo-Soul, Jazz & Hip-hop Music festival in Australia’, which is so supportive to local artist and encourages the public to get behind it & the culture. It’s a much needed festival because there are so much people that support this type of music in Australia & it’s only going to get bigger.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

It would probably have to be Stevie Wonder, Prince or Maxwell, hard question, or even D’angelo. Anyway I could go on.

Your music sometimes feels like a time-warp, the days when we used to listen to Aaliyah or Montell Jordan, is that what you were after?

You guys really hit it on the head, was definitely what I was going for. I love these types of artist & any 90’s R&B, I grew up in it and I actually want to bring it back, in a cool & fresh way.

If you had to choose Sade or Lauryn Hill and why?

Wow another tough question! Probably Lauryn Hill, because Fugees ‘The Score’ was the first album I bough, think I was in grade 5 or 6 damn.