Ok so this will be the penultimate Future Flavours for the year.

Got to say congrats to Rita Ora (who featured in Flavour recently) great look for her after winning a MOBO?

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So in this issue the manor of West London features very heavily. I am not sure what it is, is it the water, and is it especially conducive to creating people who just have bags of talent? We also travel outside of LDN to Liverpool where two great acts are highlighted. It’s a kaleidoscope of brilliant genres, excellent voices, big bad bars and a gorgeous lady-let’s go in!

Skripture-writing his own script.

So first we head to West London and the twenty five year old musician, producer and rapper, Skripture.

He was a founding member of the collective ‘The Truth MoveMENT’ that had the likes of the brilliant Michael Kiwanuka and Angel in the group. With production for artists like Bashy then I am sure your interest is sparked. MTV unsigned are on the West Londoner as well. He has been nominated for MTV Brand New Unsigned 2013

The info on him states that he does not see himself as a hip-hop artist but I must admit that I cannot help but feel that he is hip-hop but hey either why I think there’s some fire waiting to be unleashed by this guy. He’s equally blessed in the department of singing. His vocal sound would be best described as ghetto fabulous vocals as opposed to that category of male singing characterised by Chris Brown (who I hasten to add is an immense talent).

He’s been on a furious mission of promoting brand Skripture since 2011 with his Skripture Sundays (on free download) where he dropped a freestyle every Sunday. This has evidently morphed into his present offering ‘Skripture Sunday’s Vol. 1’ which is a catalogue of 12 freestyles, remixes or refixes from the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Drake. I am really feeling his take on that totally heavy Drake beat on Cameras.

Look out for his collabo with Grammy nominated producer Ben Laingmaid. I must admit at first I was not sure but it’s grown on me it’s a club flex that Skripture terrorises.

The latest material from Skripture will be his forthcoming single Bark (Back It Up) released in December an aggy verbal blustering hip-hop track that got play on the Shortee Blitz hip-hop show.

There is enough to suggest that this West London native is going to join the band of successful artists from the area-Skripture making his script!



Lewis Watson-making his own path


The talent is getting younger and younger but importantly for the UK it’s coming from all directions in terms of genres. More significantly artists are making their names without the help of big labels-promoting their music with the acumen of any seasoned mast marketing professional they are building their brand.

Nineteen year old Watson is evidently one of those artists who has managed to promote his name purely (and importantly) on the back of good music. The twenty year old from Oxford blew the iTunes charts away with his guitar led brand of music from his self-released EP It’s Got 4 Sad Songs On It.

It’s music which will obviously draw similarities to one Ed Sheeran but this aside I think Lewis is a class act and with such a simple format-voice and guitar he has no where to hide and indeed he does not need to hide. Lyrically he possesses the talent with strong writing and catchy numbers which can translate into numerous plays on radio and vocally despite his young years he has a voice that importantly transmits the emotions of the tracks that he has written-it’s a mature sounding voice.

His subject matter, in the main focuses on relationships and while he does veer towards melancholy we are not overloaded to the point of reaching for the razor blades, vodka, pen and a piece of paper. Check his flex with Krept and Konan for something a bit more urban really loving this.

So the follow up to his first EP funnily enough is called Another Four Sad Songs and in truth it is much of the same and merely builds on what has made him a top draw. While his first outing was self-released Lewis now has the backing of a major in the shape of Warner and they are already touting him in press releases alongside names like Stooshe and so that shows their faith in him-2013 is gearing up nicely.





Kaleem Taylor –a class act.

So would you believe it but we are back to West London I am telling you it’s the water!?

In the UK we have some hugely talented male vocalist that are just tearing up the scene but one could argue that the RnB, neo soul section certainly from a mainstream perspective is not really represented but that could all change with the man like Kaleem.

The first time that I heard him I thought he was a US artist but then I found out he was UK and I was stoked like a steam train preparing for a particularly steep gradient. It’s not to say that I was surprised just happy because it’s another affirmation that the UK no longer needs to look at the States as the be all and end all in terms of talent we have it here and the quality is now being recognised.

So Kaleem is best categorised as RnB meets slow jams meets neo soul and this guy is tearing town barriers and blowing down the walls with his classy vocals and writing. In just over ten months he has gone from obscurity to supporting acts like Miguel, the legends that are Boyz II Men and that is just the beginning. He has confirmed that he will be supporting Ryan Leslie when he comes over to our shores-that’s BIG! Flavour has already completed an interview with him but I had to add my two pence worth to the guy that did a Maida Vale for the man like Trevor Nelson where he covered Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You-cold!

He recently dropped his second EP Alone that really has that feeling of being something box fresh for the UK. It’s a sublime mix of slow jams and neo soul vibes that cleverly charts a relationship from its honeymoon beginnings through the different phases that relationships undoubtedly go through. Production is tight and clean consisting mostly of slow tempo numbers but there is a club bomb on there in the shape of True Colours. If you hear this drop at about twelve-ish in the heat of a club you will undoubtedly see people grinding-HARD when that thumping beat kicks in.

Look out he is already working on that debut album-just cannot wait for that.




Esco Williams-wont be walking alone! (Flavour/Ditto collabo)

So from a London based male vocalist to a Liverpool based vocalist and producer who possesses a real charismatic flair.

Esco (if you were not aware of him) won this year’s MOBO Unsigned Award 2012 and will be interviewed by MTV I am suitably informed.

Esco in 2010 dropped an EP called INTROduction which was he stated inspired by Eric Roberson and his Music Fan First project. Heavy soulful cuts were strewn through that EP it’s one you have to store on your I-pod.

He followed that EP with a distinctly different project called Hooks n Bridges a project more street in its sound with heavy collaborations with the local emcees from Liverpool and a cut with one of Liverpool’s well known artist KOF.

So at the tail end of 2012 Esco is in the studio working on his debut album which promises to fulfil his “nerd soul” as he calls it. His new single ‘New Challenger’ is out on 11th November. Like many artists Esco does not want to be pigeon holed so look out for this great vocalist to meander his way through a multitude of genres in the pursuit of great music-Esco defo one to watch.



Coffee and Cakes For Funerals (CACFF)-it’s not time to mourn! (Flavour/Ditto collabo)

What a strange name for a band I thought when seeing the name for this 4 piece band but strange titles aside this is a quartet that bring a fusion of hip-hop come indie music to the forefront and they absolutely hit the right notes.

The quartet strangely enough are not from West London but from Liverpool. Joe Hazlett on vocals is a real gem of a singer and does falsetto with ease accompanied by Andrew Finney on drums and backing vocals, Aaron Schofield on bass and Michael Blackburn on guitar CACFF fire on all cylinders with that brilliant live sound.

CACFF already have their self-titled EP out on iTunes and I am loving all of the cuts on this debut that envelops you in their individual sound. Stand out cuts are numerous but the atmospheric Don’t Ask No Questions with its guitar lead is a favourite it kind of reminds me of Craig David’s collabo with Sting on the Rise and Fall and Trust a Fool are both tracks you could easily hear on Capital radio. They have already opened for big names like Mike Skinner and they will surely open up for more massive names.

With the balance of edginess and mainstream suitably in a state of equilibrium and the assurity that they are working on new material then let’s watch out for Coffee and Cakes For Funerals to drop some aural delights real soon.





Keiran Alleyn-on your marks!

This is a young guy that I am really covering quite early in an ‘I am going to stick my neck out moment’. He is one of those guys that seems to be an all rounder in that media sense. At the moment the seventeen year old is co-presenting a children’s’ programme called Friday Down load for the BBC alongside Dionne Broomfield but his real passion is music.

I saw a couple of u-tube clips with the young guy and he is clearly a performer- a great dancer able to perform one of those Aston (from JLS) flips and a good voice. His demographic undoubtedly has to be young females but I saw a couple of older ladies on his U-tube footage showing interest so you never know he may also have the cougar vote “grhhhh”-down girl down!

One of the main reasons that there is a good chance that this guy may do big things is he is working with a producer called Sermstyle for his up and coming mix-tape. If you are unaware of the name, the producer has worked with names like Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lemar, Wretch 32 and Wiley so Kieran has some heavyweight pedigree backing him.

In the meantime while the wait is on for this mix-tape have a check of some covers performed by the young guy.

Juliyaa-Enter the Kente

Now to North London and a lady that performed at the last Flavour Live and definitely went in with her brand of electronic/dubstep rnb or as Juliyaa likes to call it “rhythmic soul.

Juliyaa like most artists is keen to show versatility in different genres rather than restrict herself and so to that cause Juliyaa first released a single called Smile in the early part of 2012. Stripped down to basically Juliyaa and a guitar that evidently showed she is a great singer. She actually smartly launched the single with a campaign regarding 10 days of random acts of kindness which received press in the Metro.

Presently Juliyaa a half Welsh half Ghanaian singer-songwriter (she is gorgeous by the way) has just dropped her EP Stars and Dragons and this shows Juliyaa (who is extremely fit) at the other extreme of the genre spectrum it’s a bass injected, dub-step infused 6 track project that huffs and puffs that this it is contemporary and fresh like ice cold water down your gullet.

Element as one of the tracks features Frisco from BBK and it is thunders with bass (it is the only collabo). Also look out for the title track however that cleverly has tinges of Afro beat mixed in and I love that because not only is it good but it shows experimentation and a ode to her Ghanaian roots-love that touch by the gorgeous (I think I mentioned she is gorgeous already but hey one more will not hurt) Juliyaa.

In fact if you check this project acknowledgements to her roots are all over the place. The cover for the EP is cool as well with Juliyaa looking like she is wearing some traditional kente again nice touch whilst embracing her Welsh roots of the ‘dragon’’.

Look out for her the music video for the EP’s first single ‘Tidal Wave’ out now which which causes seismic movements with its dub-step come drum and bass energy.

The gorgeous (ok that’s the last time!) Juliyaa is sure to keep pushing forward with some fusion music for 2013-loving it.

Juliyaa – Debut EP ‘Stars & Dragons’ – Out Now

Stars & Dragons the debut EP from singer-song writerJuliyaa is out now as a free download from www.juliyaa.bandcamp.com

‘Stars & Dragons’ can be streamed from this link on sound cloud: