On the 5th of December 20 individual’s aged 18-25 will be showcasing a variety of talents at the ITV Centre in London as part of the Pan European Roots & Routes Academy initiative(R&R).

The acts were chosen from heats that took place in London and Coventry. Saira Awan (of SAI Photography) a Senior Talent on the R&R programme and one of the judges said “The level of talent we had at the auditions made it very difficult for us to choose but we believe we have selected the right individuals to represent the UK on a European level”.

From the many applicants only 20 made it through to the final showcase. These musicians, actors, singers, dancers and future media impresarios will get the chance to demonstrate their talent to an audience of over 200 people that will include influential A&R’s, actors and industry professionals.

The R&R Academy is an international network promoting cultural and social diversity in contemporary performing arts and media. The showcase will represent talent from many different backgrounds.

MTV award winner and R&R Senior Talent Tan Matthews says “we are creating a platform for young people to showcase their tremendous potential and at the same time develop them artistically, individually and entrepreneurially.”

For more information visit http://www.rootsnroutes.eu/ or email [email protected] . It’s a great way to get involved with the creative industries, and who knows you may be taking part in the next showcase if you get in touch.

This event is sponsored by ABi Associates and its partners, Coventry based AV Frontline, MTV Award winner Tan Mathews, and London based companies, Sai Photography and London Elite Events.