If you’re heading out on the tiles this weekend, make sure you have at least £48.83 in your wallet. That’s the total Brits need to have a great night out, according to new research revealing what a ‘typical’ night out really looks like for the UK in 2015.

According to the survey by New Amsterdam Vodka, we head to a local favourite pub or bar at 9pm that plays mainstream music with five friends. Take £48.83 in our wallet to spend in three different venues as the night goes on. On the way home, pick up a kebab for the ideal end to the night.

For nearly three quarters of the nation, having fun with their mates is the number one priority, significantly outweighing any budget restraints. Their key priorities on a night out are:

  1. Who they’re with (70%)
  2. How much it costs (39%)
  3. What music is playing (33%)
  4. The venue (32%)
  5. How local their night out is (32%)

However, despite valuing mates’ company the most, one in eight (12%) are willing to ditch their friends for a Tinder date, with men being twice as likely to choose the Tinder match over their mates (11% vs. 5%).


The research was conducted to launch New Amsterdam Vodka’s Project It’s Your Town, a content series following Millennials in four party cities around the UK as they showcase their town, on their terms.

The study in to these partying habits incorporates responses from over 2,000 respondents across the UK and recent data from booking website Design My Night. It was also revealed that:

  • Despite almost a quarter (24%) of the nation being willing to experiment with new drinks trends, spirit and mixers (40%) come ahead of cocktails (37%) as a drink of choice on a night out
  • While a generous one in four Brits claim they are first to buy a round on a night out (24%), purse strings are still pulled tight for the younger generation as one in six (16%) admit to avoiding buying a round altogether if they can
  • By contrast, a flashy four per cent regularly spend over £100 on a night out
  • Whilst the kebab stands firm as the post-party grub of choice (41%), nearly one in five (18%) would still prefer to round off the evening at home with a piece of toast (11%) or leftovers (7%)
  • Younger generations spend more time getting ready, with over a third (38%) of 18-24 year olds saying this is their favourite part of a night out – compared to the national average of 27%
  • Over a quarter (35%) visit their regular stomping grounds on a night out, suggesting we’re a nation of settlers

New Amsterdam Vodka is a new triple filtered and five times distilled premium vodka, imported from the US.

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