When it comes to dream homes, Britons have some truly weird and wonderful ideas.

New research from  mortgage and secured loan broker Ocean Finance has revealed the must-have possessions that feature most commonly in the property fantasies of people in the UK.

Predictably, some of the most desired features in the survey included indoor swimming pools (which 36% of respondents mentioned), walk-in wardrobes (27%) and en-suite bathrooms (33%). No surprises there, as these are all items many of us would admit to daydreaming about having in our own homes.

A little further down the pecking order, however, are some decidedly stranger dream home fixtures. Here are a few of our favourites:

Kitchen garden (to grow own food) (15%) – If you grew up in the countryside, it may be hard to imagine having the facilities to grow your own food being among homeowners’ greatest dreams. However, for around one in seven Brits that’s exactly what their heart desires. Happily, provided you have a garden of your own, space for window boxes or access to an allotment, it’s easy to grow your own food in a dedicated space. Perhaps the respondents to Ocean Finance’s survey were thinking of something more akin to this – which is space enough for them to grow food for a village.

A moat (2%) – Could it be that we all secretly yearn to live in Medieval times – or at least in the castles of that age? It certainly seems that way, as 2% of those surveyed revealed a moat is one of the property features they dream of owning.

A football pitch (1%) – One in 100 Brits would put a football pitch right at the top of their dream home wish lists. Fair enough, it’d be pleasant to have one tucked away in the back garden, but surely there must be something more exciting to do with all that space? You could build a theme park on that land and just go play footie in the park. Just a thought.

A panic room (1%) – A deeply paranoid 1% of Brits would prioritise the installation of a panic room in their dream home. On some levels this might be a sensible idea, but this is supposed to be a fantasy home – and anything that involves a panic room is a pretty frightening dream.