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Chameleonic singer and rapper Brooke Candy unveils the music video for ‘Happy Days’ – the first track to be taken from her forthcoming debut album which is executively produced by her mentor and label-mate SIA.

Produced by More Mega and co-written by Brooke Candy and Talay Riley (Ellie Goulding, Usher, Wiley), ‘Happy Days’ is the first of Brooke’s songs to feature her singing (and not rapping). Lyrically it is a song about transformations: “Whether that be emotional, physical, spiritual, relational -transformations and change are what define life.” says Brooke. “We’re all looking for different ways to achieve “happy days” or some sense of fulfillment or satisfaction and this song addresses that struggle.”

Showcasing a more accessible sound than previous Brooke Candy material, ‘Happy Days’ provides a taste of what is to come from Brooke’s upcoming debut album which sees her move into state of the art pop: “I’ve always been into exploring different variations of myself and style. In recent past I’ve found myself undergoing endless transformations through emotional states of being and it is reflected through changing vocal styles and aesthetic approaches…I am exploring sounds that are bit more polished and digestible.”

brooke candy

The video for ‘Happy Days’, which was shot in Los Angeles, is styled by Nicola Formichetti and directed by Renata Raksha, who also directed Brooke’s weird and wonderful ‘Everybody Does’ video in 2013. An introduction to a (precocious) “Brooke Candy”, the video for ‘Happy Days’ portrays “her” in state of innocence before becoming immersed/fragmented in increasingly surreal and uninhibited states of consciousness as “she” progresses through the disorienting trajectory of fame.

26 year old Californian based Brooke Candy has featured on Grimes and Charlie XCX tracks, worked in the studio with everyone from SIA to Diplo, and garnered over 8 million combined you tube views after dropping a series of ground breaking music videos, including the eye-popping Stephen Klein directed video for ‘Opulance’ (the lead track from her debut EP of the same name).

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