Brooke Candy Instagram, the emerging rapper/singer and viral sensation has sparked an overwhelming amount of interest online and created a buzz with her empowering fierce lyrics and visuals.

Flavourmag has been watching Brooke Candy Instagram for some time now, but just in case you haven’t seen her. Here are our 15 reasons we are following Brooke Candy Instagram.

1. If Lada Gaga & Iggy Azalea had a love child, the result would be Brooke Candy

2. She’s not afraid of being nude.

3. She’s so cheeky.

4. She gets up close and personal with her fans.

5. Her sexiness is surreal.

6. She could be a mermaid.

7. Her fiance is one hell of a lucky guy.

8. Fancy a ride, anyone?

9. She’s fun and flexible.

10. We LOVE her tatts?

11. Bondage… Say No More!

12. Caption this…

13. Her live shows are WILD!

14. She knows how to work a pole.

15. xXx