Bruno Mars is the man of the moment after his stunning performance at this years VMAs where he won hearts with his tribute to Amy Winehouse by singing her hit ‘Valerie’. He even won around some enemies. Tyler The Creator said in song ‘Yonkers’ “I’ll stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus/and won’t stop until the cops come in.” I know the ‘Lazy Song’ video is annoying, but that is a bit unnecessary to say the least. However, Tyler The Creator tweeted after Bruno’s performance: “I Hate Bruno But That Was Really Good.”

Too right. Unfortunately, Bruno has had some new drama as he files a lawsuit against his music publishers Bug Music Inc. In February the music company could not decide whether they wanted to continue working with him and according to Bruno, they never officially decided to continue their contract within the time frame they had.

Bruno decided to move on with his career and find a company that valued his talents. However as he tried to walk BMI said he wasn’t going anywhere until he signs over 50% of his songs copyrights. Bruno was outraged at what he sees as a violation and has filed a lawsuit againist them to terminate any rights they may still hold.

I do hope for Bruno’s sake that he gets out of the contract, otherwise that could lead to some awkward moments at the office.



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